Gold Level Mentoring

Gold Level Mentoring

Are you MISERABLE? Need some help getting through it? 

Whether you are grieving, unhappy in your relationships, unhappy with your body, or unhappy with your spiritual connection, there is hope and happiness waiting for you.

As a Happiness Advocate, I have helped people navigate their biggest challenges through personal, individualized guidance. I include practical action and spiritual insights as we approach your real-world problems. 

I help you transform your life by focusing on three areas:

1. Learning to be happy with You

When you don’t love yourself, it spills over into so many other facets of your life. The door to unhappiness, depression, and anxiety open when we believe we’re not good enough. When we put ourselves last on our list, we can’t be the best versions of ourselves. Our best efforts are never enough if we are trying to pour from an empty cup. Then we can become depressed, disheartened, and hopeless - the cycle just continues ---- unless you break the pattern and learn to love you. I help my clients to appreciate and love themselves so they can rise up to become who they were always truthfully destined to be.

2. Finding your happy

Each of us had a vision of what we thought our life would look like… and then real life happened. Whether divorce, death of loved one, or a crisis of faith – you are not alone! I will help you find the direction and vision that will reignite your purpose and get your “happy” within reach. You’ll not only have a friend who has walked the hard path, but learned how to do it with joy.

3. Happiness in Your Relationships

Sometimes those closest to us just don’t understand how to help us. That’s why I love mentoring. As I help you find your happy with yourself, it will unlock what you need or want. Then I collaborate with you on a plan that disrupts old thought patterns and replaces them with new habits of happiness that will enrich all your relationships.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It helps me a lot. I lost my wife almost a year ago and I cry every single day. I miss her so much. We have an 11 year old boy but life without my wife is not the same. Thank you for loving God and not ashamed of it. Please, share your thoughts with us, it helps us to get through this pain.
- JO

Step 1: Schedule a Free Consult

During the 30-min Discovery Consultation, I’ll get to know you. We’ll spend a few minutes talking about your life, your struggles, what your family dynamic looks like, and what you enjoy!

Step 2: Come Ready to Share

Then I’ll ask “What is making you the most Unhappy?” and I’ll be taking notes to determine where to take our conversation.

We’ll then talk about your vision for your life. What DO you want?

Step 3: Leave With a Plan

I’ll share my feedback on the root causes of what’s not working, and--relying on my tools and expertise--help you find your next steps to find your happy. I’ll share how we can work together on your steps.

Whether you choose me as your mentor or not, you will have inspired ideas to move forward.

Do you need a recharge, an infusion of hope, some direction or advice? Perhaps you simply want to know that you are not alone. Or maybe you want to know how to best help someone who is. 

Through our mentoring together, you will gain the tools to face your problems more clearly. It is possible to wake up each day feeling happy about being exactly who you are and exactly where you're at, regardless of what's happening around you.

I know it.

I've lived it.

I'm going to show you how to do it for yourself too. 

I believe in you!

Let's begin with a Free 30 minute Discovery Session to see if this is a good fit for you. You can schedule it here!

6 week, 3 month, or 6 month packages are available. 

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